A : ALIVE UNITED is a platform royalty free stock photos and VDOs service with selections of world-class quality, beautiful, and authentic values in each work. All works are created with love and passion of each artist. We believe confidence for showing each unique character and identity that expressed in each work which can create normal situations into valuable moments. We deliver artistic works to the eyes of the world with true character of Thailand, where we call home, through perspectives of artists. We door is always open for new ideas and values, and we are ready to give our full supports to all artistic visions.
Q : What type of artists and contents ALIVE UNITED is looking for?
A : We are looking for artists who are passionate about expressing their ideas naturally through photos and VDOs with authenticity and meaningful contents. You don’t have to have prior experiences with stock photo agency nor have to be a professional photographer or cinematographer. You just need to do your work with deep understanding in what you want to express and be professional about what you love. We are open for contents in variety of topics and we are interested to see what you do, now!
Beauty and Fashion Business and Technology Family, Daily lives, Lifestyle
Fine art, color drawing Food and Drinks Nature
Pets and Wildlife Reflection of Thai Sport and Adventure
Street and Minimal Travel, Outdoor and Architect Variety of gender, ages and races
Not to worry if your passion is not in above topics, we are always open for more contrast ideas, just apply and send your works.
Q : What type of Mood & Tone ALIVE UNITED is looking for?
A : We pay attention to natural and authentic expression of feeling which is more important to us than excess special effects or retouched. Let’s make this easy for everyone, here is examples.
  • Candid view of people doing activities without looking into camera and not posting
  • Natural color without excess retouch unless that is your concept
  • Present bold concepts such as contemporary or uniqueness
  • Daily activities
  • Keep props and wardrobes simple to bold concepts or contents
Q : What does ALIVE UNITED sell?
A : We are agency for creative stock photos and VDOs created by Thai artists. The works represented in our platform are for advertising and editorial purchases for clients to be use legally.
Q : Are contents in ALIVE UNITED royalty free?
A : Yes. All contents in ALIVE UNITED are royalty free which are the contents for one one-time purchase for use indefinitely. This is to create easy-to-use contents for all clients. And most importantly, artists will get fair payments because we believe all works are created with passion.


A : Works in ALIVE UNITED can only be distributed on our platform, artists can continue their work with other agencies but they cannot upload the same works or same series of works to other agencies. For clients, this is seen as our brand identity because they don’t want see same photos or VDOs on other products or websites. We promise to our clients that all works on our platform will not be seen elsewhere, thus this is important that all artists strictly follow the rule.
Q : Can artists send uploaded contents in ALIVE UNITED to contests?
A : That is depending on terms and conditions of each contest or event. Artists have to make sure that contests or events organizers have no right to distribute those contents commercially. If you are not sure, please contact us along with rules and regulations of the contests or events for recheck.
Q : Can artists upload what used to be free contents on to ALIVE UNITED?
A : No, we cannot permit the action because those contents would have been downloaded by many parties which they have the right to use them, that is why we cannot give the permit.
Q : Can artists take contents they have uploaded on ALIVE UNITED and post them on social medias or personal portfolio?
A : Of course! You can, but make sure the files you upload on those social medias or personal portfolio are not high resolution and unable to download in original resolution. We recommend you to guide your audiences, which could be your future clients, about purchasing the contents on ALIVE UNITED and place link to your personal ALIVE UNITED portfolio.
Q : Can artists take contents they have uploaded on ALIVE UNITED to create poster on personal photobook for distribution?
A : Of course! You can create poster on personal photobook for distribution, just inform us about the activity, we are glad to help. And if those posters are downloadable, please make sure that your post doesn’t contain high resolution files and turn off original size download. We recommend you to guide your audiences, which could be your future clients, about purchasing the contents on ALIVE UNITED and place link to your personal ALIVE UNITED portfolio.
Q : Can artists take contents they have uploaded on ALIVE UNITED to distribute in paid and unpaid influencer jobs?
A : Yes, if the contents communicate only about you as an influencer. Please inform us about the activity, we are glad to help you promote. But if the contents are created by using your work without communicate about you as influencer, please recommend your clients to purchase your work through ALIVE UNITED by placing link to your personal ALIVE UNITED portfolio. If you are not sure, please contact us along with rules and regulations of the contests or events for recheck.

Becoming ALIVE UNITED artists

Q : How can I join ALIVE UNITED as an artist?
A : Simply fill in application form in ARTIST ADMISSION page, if our team is interested in your work, we will contact you for further discussion in detail. If you are accepted, you will receive confirmation email along with information form to fill in to create your profile. Then start making incomes from what you love.
Q : What are the steps of admission?
A : Becoming ALIVE UNITED artists are as easy as these following steps
  • Fill in personal information along with link to your work
  • Wait for appointment to meet us and get to know each other better before becoming artist with ALIVE UNITED
  • After welcomed as artist, you can fill important information to create profil and upload your works on to system
  • Approved works are supported with creating KEYWORD service respectively or you can create KEYWORD yourself
, then you are all set for clients to view your works
Q : Is there age limit to become artists?
A : Minimum age limit to join as our artist is 20 years of age, for person under age of 20, parent’s signature and documents are required for application
Q : How to receive payments?
A : Payments for your works will be calculated from percentage of net price, depending on net price the company receive from buyers in which calculated from net price after deducting company’s cost and tax. Company calculate total payments from use of artist’s works on every last day of monthly period. Company will send artist all the payment information along with payment within the 16th of next month (Read more… )
Q : After filling in the application, I am automatically become ALIVE UNITED artist?
A : We have additional interview after you are selected from application, if all goes well, we will send confirmation and you can start putting up your works for purchase.
Q : How long is the process of becoming an artist?
A : The period is 3 months. This is so that we can focus on everyone and prepare all the necessary procedures such as creating KEYWORD, etc. We will post announcement on websites and social media if there is any changes or of artists accounts are all occupied.
Q : How long does it take for us to check your application?
A : 2 weeks! Please be patient as we would like you to understand that we pay great attention to each application.
Q : If I don’t get accepted, can I readmit?
A : If your application had been turndown, you can readmit anytime. But please take all the time develop your next application. We admire your passion and will be here to welcome you again.


Q : What benefits do ALIVE UNITED artists receive?
A : Being artists with ALIVE UNITED, not only you can get fair income, but there are other benefits beyond ordinary platforms.
  • Up to 40% of purchase price shared to artists unconditionally
  • Supports in creating KEYWORD and description for each art work, yes you read correctly, because we prefer artists to spend time on creating valuable works rather than explaining what they have done
  • Providing PR in multiple platforms such as interviews, website promotion, and content supports
Q : Do I need to attach Model Release /Property Release document during time of application?
A : No, you don’t need to attach Model Release /Property Release, but please be informed that once you are accepted as artist, it is our recommendation that you study more information about Model Release /Property Release and have the document attached on every work.

Requirements for PHOTOs and VIDEOs after you are accepted

Q : What is the minimum resolution of PHOTO and VIDEO files?
A : Minimum photo resolution is 6 Megapixel resolution (approximately 3000x2000) or 300 Dpi and minimum VDO resolution is 1920 x 1080
Q : Do Model Release /Property Release documents required on every work?
A : Yes, Model Release must be attached if works contain people that can be identified. Artists are required to have models sign for permission of selling the work and its content. The same goes with Property Release document that has to be attached if location contain landmarks or personal property. Artists have to obey rules and regulations and have authorized person sign for permission of selling the work and its content. If the locations are public and photographing is not prohibited, then there is no need for of selling Property Release document.
Q : if there are people, trademark logos or signs in the work and cannot be erased, is the work eligible for purchase?
A : You can send the work, but it has to be filed under Editorial License for use of news or informative contents only
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