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Concepts of ALIVE UNITED Artists

  • “I work whenever my eyes are open, and my brain is constantly on the work. Every time I come up with a Storyboard, everything in my head has to become that reality, and that is my passion.”

  • “I think of work as happiness, to be able to go with the flow and move forward. But most importantly is to stay true to my character.”

  • “I pay the most attention to details. I have to be thinking about continuity from shot to shot to create the best story flow. During the shoot, every outcome has to already be in my head because I do all the editing myself.”

ALIVE UNITED’s Artists and Exclusive Privileges

We understand the depth of your contribution to each project when you submit photos online. That’s why we pay close attention to all work portfolios submitted.

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    Our Way of Selecting Artists

    We are looking for suitable artists to earn money with photography and videography. These are artists who can drive our community of unique storytellers. Therefore we select artists with the same unique mentality as ours to help reach our community’s high standards. We may not be able to accept all artists that apply to be a part of our community because we carefully nurture and care for each of our artists.

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    Our way of Selecting Art Works

    All of our artists’ works are selected with the ambition of being accepted by clients all over the world. In addition, our professional team provides great support to our artists to help them develop future works without losing their identities as artists. Our approach has allowed our artists to earn money from stock photography and videography, and enjoy life as an artist.

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    Our way of Benefit contribution

    We see value in all creative works, therefore we pay up to 40% of the purchase value to our artists, as well as providing supporting KEYWORDS for each work, and PR and other support across multiple platforms.

  • What is ALIVE UNITED?

    ALIVE UNITED is a platform for royalty-free stock photos and VDOs where artists make money from stock photography and videography. You’ll find a selection of world-class works with authentic values contained in each piece. All works are created with the love and passion of each artist. We believe these works present their unique characters and identities, and can transform normal situations into valuable moments. We deliver artistic works to the eyes of the world with the true character of Thailand through the perspectives of our artists. Our door is always open for new ideas and values, and we are ready to give our full support to any artistic vision.

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  • What benefits do ALIVE UNITED artists receive?

    The works found at ALIVE UNITED can only be distributed on our platform as we supply completely unique pieces. Artists can continue their work with other agencies, but they cannot upload the same works or same series of works to other agencies. For clients, this is seen as our selling point because they won’t see the same PHOTOS or VIDEOS anywhere else. Therefore, it’s important that all artists strictly follow this rule.

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